In the event of a disagreement between the buyer and P. C. Chandra Gems Private Limited [hereinafter referred to as the Company] the same shall be resolved in the following manner:

1. Dispute :

Subject to terms and conditions and the applicable laws including the principle of Caveat Emptor, a dispute shall be construed to be a disagreement between the buyer and the company of either the quantity and/or the quality of the product.

2. Claim :

In case of a dispute the buyer shall initiate a claim within 48 hours of receipt of the product, by email at “[email protected]”. Any claims made beyond the 48 hour limitation shall not be entertained.

3. Pre-requisites to a claim :

A valid claim shall inter-alia satisfy the following pre-requisite criteria

  • A claim shall inter-alia contain the Customer ID, the Order ID and the time of delivery.
  • A claim shall further include a precise and accurate description of the claim.
  • A claim shall contain an “un-boxing video”, clearly showing the tamper proof packaging from all sides, the action of opening it and the product in sequence, WITHOUT any stoppages and/or edits.
  • A claim may contain any further evidences and/or documents that the buyer may rely upon.
4. Resolution Process :

The company shall upon receipt of a valid claim constitute an Internal Investigation Team, consisting of a technical member and an independent member. The Internal Investigation Team shall consider the claim in light of the evidences submitted by the buyer and the company, and shall submit an Internal Investigation Report within 10 workings days of receipt of the claim.

5. Review :

In case a buyer is not satisfied with the findings and/or conclusions of the Internal Investigation Team, the buyer may opt for a review of the same by drawing attention to the specific points of disagreement that in the considered opinion of the buyer the Internal Investigation Team may have overlooked and/or failed to consider. A review may be preferred within 48 hours of receipt of the Internal Investigation Report.

6. Applicable Laws :

The laws and principles applicable in resolving a dispute shall be the laws enforceable in India, along with the principles of Natural Justice.

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